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Nature is the source and symbol of all beauty. That is why Kumarika has been working in Bangladesh as a representative of nature and youth since long. Kumarika believes, it is their responsibility to take care of natural beauty and create
awareness to preserve the nature. On this background, Kumarika has been arranging the online based contest, ‘Kumarika Miss Natural’ since 2013. Girls are asked to send their photos which portray their natural self through Facebook.
Then they are judged and on the basis of their natural look, awareness and love for the nature, self confidence, wisdom and many other natural criteria. They are groomed by renowned professionals and grooming consultants in different
areas like, acting, dancing, diet management, physical exercise, natural awareness, etiquette & behavior management etc. Finally the contestants are made ready to conquer the world outside through their natural beauty.

Jerin Moushan

Miss Natural 2016

Winning Kumarika Miss Natural was one of the most important events of my life. It’s not the crown that mattered; it was the whole process and the experience that enriched me. It helped me develop my sense of responsibility towards myself and towards the society. I wish to influence my surroundings with the positivity I gained from this contest.

Yearisha Jerin

Miss Natural 2015

Kumarika Miss Natural 2015 was a total life changer for me. It gave me the opportunity to compare myself against my peers and demonstrate my capabilities to achieve the best for me. The whole process was very positive through which I gained self-confidence to believe that I am worthy of such an accolade.

Nabila Mustary

Miss Natural 2014

I am grateful and privileged to have the opportunity and support from Kumarika Miss Natural 2014 which led me to become a star. The award helped to raise my profile and gave me great chance to assess myself and look forward to many future opportunities. I am very proud to have won an award which recognized my achievements.

Kumarika Miss Natural 2017

Kumarika - Natural living Video

Kumarika Miss Natural 2016 Grand Finale

Kumarika - Natural living